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USS Daniel Boone

A site dedicated to all those who served aboard this boat


USS Daniel Boone "New Trails to Blaze"

Another site with tons of detailed info about this boat


Fast Attacks & Boomers: Submarines in the Cold War

The National Museum of American History - from the Smithsonian. This is an awesome site!


41 for Freedom

Dedicated to the 41 boats that served as the real deterrent to nuclear war.


Silver Dolphins for Enlisted Only

Save the Dolphins for those who earn them! Support the cause!

A site dedicated to helping submarine sailors and their families stay in touch and preserve some of our history along the way.

Designed by submariners for submariners

Your one stop shop for all types of submarine merchandise.

Internet resources for submarine veterans


Cold War Submarine Memorial Foundation 


Pacific Northwest Submarine Heritage Association

Recent events at Deterrent Park


America's Submarine Centennial

100 years from the depths - seapower


Undersea Warfare Magazine

The official magazine of the US Submarine Force


Sid's Mostly Military Art Collection

Tons of submarine pictures and artwork


NOVA: Hitler's Lost Sub

Explores the story of a U-boat found off the coast of New Jersey. Provides a tour of the sub, an interview with a survivor, and more.


The History of the Submarine

History of the submarine from 332 B.C. to the present day.


Sonar Control

Sound library for submarines and other naval/maritime issues.


Ice Run: Submarine to the Arctic

Take a plunge beneath the polar ice cap.

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Constable Group Inc.

Senior Trooper Robert Dent (Ret.) Check out the website of another of the Dent brothers who have served our country.


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