"No one has done more to prevent conflict - no one has made a greater sacrifice for the cause for Peace - than you,

America's proud missile submarine family. You stand tall among our heroes of the Cold War."  - General Colin Powell


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...to the home of a former member of the blue crew of the USS Daniel Boone SSBN 629. Jack Dent served from 1965-1968 as a TML2(SS) (Torpedoman's Mate, Second Class). He earned his Dolphins on November 23, 1966. He was a Missile Launch Control Center Supervisor and Conventional/Nuclear Weapons Handling Supervisor.


In the pages of this site, you'll find stories from the "good old days" on patrol, a history of the Daniel Boone and the era when she was one of the boomers known as the "Forty-One for Freedom." The Daniel Boone was the first Missile Submarine in the Pacific, and was stationed in Guam, M.I. There were significant protests held by Japanese citizens over the presence of the Daniel Boone so near to their homeland.


Take a peek at Dent's trip to the dedication of Deterrent Park at Bangor Submarine Base in Washington state. Don't forget to sign the guestbook, and if this site has whet your interest in all things submarine, check out the links page for other great sites. 


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About the Site

I created this site for my dad for Father's Day 2000. Although I grew up hearing a few of his hilarious stories about his Navy days, I never realized how much he treasured the time - maybe having reached that age myself and seeing my little brother getting ready to join another elite military group (oo-rah!), helped me understand. As we toured the submarine memorial at Deterrent Park earlier this year, I began to get an idea to have a place for dad to share his memories. 


My dad has given me so much over the years, always encouraging me to develop my talents and pursue my interests, and now I'm "all grown up" and in the web design biz with the ability to produce this site for him. So please enjoy this tribute to my dad, the submariner. Click here to read a poem I wrote for him that tells you what kind of a father and man the submariner grew into.


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even the strongest brothers
can be brought to their knees
with a small twist of wing and flicker of fuel

girders and glass - even these -
       can be bowed by the
     tongue of fire
        and even fire
    can be eaten by the depth of steel


and even a country can cry
over not only the chaos of the past
     but the trembling of the future

when the tender tenacity of the world
     is pulled away as easily
     as a knife through flesh
shall then our trust be in glass and girders?
or even in fire that licks the ashes?

or shall our strength be found in spirit
and our security found in faith?

for miracles can be found even on the 82nd floor.


- Amy Luise Dent, 9/13/2001




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