Deterrent Park Dedication


Located at Bangor Sub Base in Washington state, Deterrent Park is the pilot project of the Pacific Northwest Submarine Heritage Association, a group of local submarine veterans whose primary mission is to preserve submarine heritage and traditions for future generations.


The dedication ceremony was held on Friday, April 28, and included speakers, the presentation of the park, an MK-14 torpedo and a ceremonial bell, and an acknowledgement of submarine veterans.


The park features a full-length replica of the topside areas of a Lafayette SSBN with an attractive ceremonial area. When it is completed in the near future, the park will be a stage for ceremonies, Memorial Day "eternal patrol" observances and retirement ceremonies. It will also help educate tens of thousands of students, tourists, scouts and sea cadets who visit Sub Base Bangor each year.


Gallery from the Trip



Dent and the MK-14 Torpedo

Brings back memories of his days as a missile tech on the Daniel Boone!





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